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Graduate Courses

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The CONEAU makes periodical calls for the accreditation of Specializations, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. The calls are notified to the institutions and are announced publicly through the CONEAU’s website.

Regulations and Procedures.

  • Introduction.

The Ministerial Resolution No 160/11 of the Ministry of Education is the regulation that rules the accreditation of graduate courses in Argentina. It sets the minimum quality standards required for graduate courses.

Types of Graduate Courses

In accordance with the degree granted and in accordance with Article No 39 of the Law of Higher Education and the Ministerial Resolution 160/11, the following graduate courses are accredited: Specialization, Master and Doctorate degrees.

a. Specialization: Its aim is to deepen the knowledge of a subject or a specific area within a professional field or within different professions. Those specializations whose core is the professional practice will include an intensive training component. In order to graduate, an individual inclusive final work will be required which if passed, the degree of “Specialist” will be given, specifying the profession or the working field.

b. Master´s Degree: Its aim is to provide academic or professional education. It deepens on theoretical knowledge, methodology, technology, management or art, in compliance with the development required by a discipline, interdisciplinary area or professional field of one or more professions. In order to graduate, an individual final written work will be required, which could be either a project work, a case study, a work of art, an artistic production or thesis, according to the kind of master, and that when passed the graduate will be given the degree of “Master” with precise specification of one of the following: discipline, interdisciplinary area, profession or application field.

There are two different types of Master Degrees:
Academic Master Degree
The Academic Master degree deals specifically with the research in one field of disciplinary or interdisciplinary knowledge.
Throughout its development, it deepens in matters relevant to the field as well as in research methodology and in the production of general knowledge in the field.
The final work of an Academic Master’s Degree consists of a thesis that will account for the state of the arts in the chosen field and for the implementation of a relevant research methodology.
Professional Master’s Degre
The Professional Master’s Degree deals specifically with the strengthening and consolidation of the core competencies of a profession or a field of professional practice.
Throughout the development, it deepens in matters related with disciplinary or multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks that amplify and qualify the performance capability of a professional field or of various professions.
The final work of a Professional Master’s Degree consists of a project, a study case, a work of art, a thesis, an artistic creation or similar work that accounts for an innovating implementation or personal production that based on sound theoretical frameworks, evinces a solution to complex problems, offers advance, analytical development of true cases, original artistic samples or similar, and should be accompanied by a written report that systematizes the progress made throughout the work

c. Doctorate: Its aim is to educate graduates to make original contributions within a field of knowledge, —whose universality must be achieved—, within a framework of academic excellence, through an education fundamentally concentrated on the investigation from which original contributions will arouse. The doctorate is finished when an individual thesis under the Director’s supervision is presented. The thesis should constitute an original contribution on the area of knowledge dealt with, aiming at theoretical and methodological competence relevant to the research field. The thesis is evaluated by a jury that includes at least one external member of the university and the Director is excluded.

The graduate will be given the degree of “Doctor” with precise specification of a discipline or disciplinary area.

Authorized Institutions to Deliver Graduate Courses.

The authorized institutions to deliver graduate courses are the following:

-Universities (public or private)

-Institutes (public or private), and

-Those institutions registered in the Public Register of Investigation Centers and Professional Training Institutions of Higher Education, set by Ministerial Resolution No 1058/02.